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How To Start A College Essay: Overview And The Main Aspects Of The Introduction

It is a well-known fact that some colleges (most of them) will require from you to write an essay when applying to that college. You should know how to start a college essay on the best possible way. It will be a wonderful journey that can help you stand out from the crowd and make your applications better. Here is all you have to know and thus you won’t ask a college essay writing service for help.


This form of essay is used to present you to the application office in the different light. It should reveal a lot about your personality, about your views and why you stand out from the crowd. In other words, it is helpful for the professors to see something about you that isn’t presented in your other files and papers. If you know how to start a college essay properly, you will look better in the eyes of professors, which is the main objective after all.

You must know that the essay can be about any, relevant situation, act or something similar that affected your lifestyle and changed you. It must reveal why and how that situation changed you and made you become what you are today. As such, the possibilities are endless and you can write about anything. Just make sure you use relevant data.

Main components of the introduction

Let’s reveal the most important, the first main element of the introduction. The first sentence is more important than you may believe. It must catch the attention to a reader and literally make him want to read the entire essay. It can be your personal opinion about something, a quoting or something else. Basically, there are no rules.

The next step is to provide a few glimpses of what will be mentioned and explained in the body of the essay. Make sure not to reveal all the facts and make them obvious or readers will lose attention. The point should be the same when you are watching a mystery movie. It gives you a few facts and ideas, but the main answer is a mystery until the end.

At this point, we should add that the story itself should be vivid. Vivid means that you must use details to describe the event. The best tip we can give to you is to incorporate all the senses. Besides the sense of sight, use taste, touch, and smell. Add sound-related details and you have a nice-looking essay.

For some of you, the best answer to how to start a college essay question will be to start from the end. Write the entire essay, complete it with a catching conclusion and then go at the beginning. Now you will be able to write a much better introduction, simply because you know all the facts about the essay.

The final word

When you know how to start a college essay, this piece of content is easier than you may believe. Yes, it is important for all of you and it comes with plenty of information, but it is something you will love to write. Otherwise, you can check out these college essay examples.

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